Starting over 

Hello! Remember me? I used to be Vicki the Craftaholic. I do still have a serious addiction to crafting but decided to take the big, brave step and start a whole new blog to coincide with my re-brand. So a big, warm welcome to my new home, Florrie and Rene. If you’ve only just discovered me, then hello, it’s lovely to meet you! If you want a bit of background about me then have a browse through my old blog here.

This is my first blog post in about a month. I feel so guilty about being away for so long. It wasn’t intentional, I’ve just been extremely busy with all kinds of things, and every time I thought about popping into blogland, my mind kind of went a bit blank.  Anyway, I’m here now, and thought I’d take this opportunity to share with you some of the things I’ve been up to in my absence.  A couple of weeks ago,  I spent a lonesome Saturday evening in my dining room with Ed Sheeran making Mother’s Day cards. He wasn’t actually making cards of course, just helping me along by entertaining my ears! Here’s what I came up with…..

What do you think? If you already follow me on Facebook or Instagram then you will have already seen these. They’re now for sale on my Facebook page. Mother’s Day is really coming round fast, I must sort out presents for the mums in my life.

I’ll be back very soon to show you what’s on my hook. Please do click on the follow button so you don’t miss out!
Thanks for reading!

Vicki xx


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