Bathroom renovation 

As some of you know, we’ve been having work done in our house. The main part was the bathroom. We’d done bits and pieces to it in the five years we’ve been here in our forever home, but it needed a complete overhaul. We had serious condensation issues which led to bubbling paint and horrid mould. 

So about a month ago, work finally began. The night before our old suite got ripped out, I took a last soak in the tub. We had no tiles anywhere, a hole in the wall and dust absolutely everywhere.

I lit a candle and read a magazine, ignoring my surroundings. Luckily we have a downstairs loo and basin so we weren’t completely cut off, but it still seemed like an eternity before the room felt clean and usable again. 

We’d bought the new suite back in the January sales, so that had been stored in our dining room. We’d picked out our tiles , but very last minute, they’d become unavailable and thank goodness they did. It meant we got to discover a lovely new tile shop with the most amazing tiles. They were a bit more expensive than the other ones but worth every penny. I think our tiler was cursing us for a good while as they are HUGE and very very thick and heavy. I can only just pick one tile up at a time. 

We used the same tiles on the floor too. One thing I never appreciated before was how high our ceilings are. It becomes very clear when you’re balanced on the top of a tall stepladder on your tiptoes and arms stretched out as far as possible, only to find you still can’t quite reach the very edge of the ceiling.

This shower is amazing, I could stand under it for hours.

We got a nice big mirror too with lights in. And with our new spotlights replacing our single dodgy light, it’s so bright in here.

We got waterfall taps which give a really luxurious feel.

Did you spot the chair in the first photo? It’s my beautiful boot fair find from many years ago. I’ve recovered it, for the third time in as many years, hopefully the kids won’t be leaving their wet towels on it like usual. I love the fabric. I’d originally planned to make a blind for the bathroom in it but we went with a wooden slatted type in the end, the same as the rest of the house.

And to finish off, we needed some kind of storage unit to hide away all the bottles and towels. I searched high and low for one. I had in my head what I was looking for but really struggled to find it. Eventually I found one, at a reasonable price too, and actually managed to build it all by myself. I was rather proud of myself.

It’s ideal as the bottles are all hidden behind the door and the top section is open for displaying fluffy towels and fancy lotions and potions. It does feel very spa like now, a perfect place for some relaxing reading and pampering. I’ve still got a handful of my handmade Bath melts from my Pamper Pantry days. I’m very tempted to start making them again, just for myself to use and maybe give a few as gifts. Maybe I will, who knows…. I’m off for a bath.


9 thoughts on “Bathroom renovation ”

  1. It came out beautiful! We have one bathroom in our house, and it needs work too. We bought the tiles, vanity, and a new light fixture but just haven’t started the work. It’s a bit scary since we need to keep it usable during the remodel.😬 We did already put the new toilet in, so at least we know that’s good to go. 😉

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    1. Thanks Tracy. It is daunting starting a big job like that, lots of strip washes at the sink downstairs were had, the kids were so put out! How would they have ever coped all those years ago? I remember when I was very small, we had an outside loo and a tin bath that was brought into the kitchen and filled up with boiled water from the stove! I’m showing my age now! Good luck with your remodel x

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