At last, a Ta-Dah post!

I’ve been working on this blanket for about 2 months. 2 months!! That’s really too long but available time to happily hook away just wasn’t happening. I had a rough idea of how I wanted it to turn out but it sort of just happened as it went along really. I started off by doing 4 random granny squares and joining them.

Then continued round and around in all the colours until it grew before my very eyes.

After a few rows around of the same colour order, I decided it needed a large chunk of the cream followed by the lovely colours once again, but broken up by the cream in between. I do love the colours on offer from the Stylecraft range which is basically all I use now. We’re very spoilt for choice and the quality is always spot on, especially for blankets that will get lots and lots of use.

I eventually came to the end, put it down for a while ( a couple of weeks) and contemplated what kind of border it should have. It’s quite an important decision you know! Sitting by an open fire is THE perfect place for contemplating.

It definitely helped me come to the right decision anyway. I knew that after an initial row of colour for the base round (I picked the blue, purely as it was what I had the most left of), I wanted the border to be all cream. It seemed to take absolutely ages to get the first few rows done. It was quite a nerve wrecking time waiting to see if it looked ok. Then I ran out of yarn so had to get more to finish it.  The border certainly is a yarn guzzler. I made an executive decision to add a couple of extra rows of the border to make a little bit more of an impact, and I had plenty of yarn with which to do so now too! It wasn’t until I was right near the very end that I was convinced it was the right edge for the blanket.

It’s rather like a fancy frame for a beautiful picture. I love the way it has a gentle ruffle, kind of like a delicate lace. Very pretty and feminine.

As I finished it in the garden, I decided to give it its photo shoot out there too. Well why not? It was a beautiful day and purely by coincidence, it coordinated perfectly with our deckchairs! Here is my Spring Granny Blanket…… Ta-Dah!!

I’ve had such fantastic feedback on Instagram and Facebook for this blanket, it’s given me a much needed boost. As much as I love it, its now available for sale on my Facebook page so if you’re interested, just let me know! I’m itching to start a new one already but first things first, I must do coasters. Coasters are calling…. x


Bathroom renovation 

As some of you know, we’ve been having work done in our house. The main part was the bathroom. We’d done bits and pieces to it in the five years we’ve been here in our forever home, but it needed a complete overhaul. We had serious condensation issues which led to bubbling paint and horrid mould. 

So about a month ago, work finally began. The night before our old suite got ripped out, I took a last soak in the tub. We had no tiles anywhere, a hole in the wall and dust absolutely everywhere.

I lit a candle and read a magazine, ignoring my surroundings. Luckily we have a downstairs loo and basin so we weren’t completely cut off, but it still seemed like an eternity before the room felt clean and usable again. 

We’d bought the new suite back in the January sales, so that had been stored in our dining room. We’d picked out our tiles , but very last minute, they’d become unavailable and thank goodness they did. It meant we got to discover a lovely new tile shop with the most amazing tiles. They were a bit more expensive than the other ones but worth every penny. I think our tiler was cursing us for a good while as they are HUGE and very very thick and heavy. I can only just pick one tile up at a time. 

We used the same tiles on the floor too. One thing I never appreciated before was how high our ceilings are. It becomes very clear when you’re balanced on the top of a tall stepladder on your tiptoes and arms stretched out as far as possible, only to find you still can’t quite reach the very edge of the ceiling.

This shower is amazing, I could stand under it for hours.

We got a nice big mirror too with lights in. And with our new spotlights replacing our single dodgy light, it’s so bright in here.

We got waterfall taps which give a really luxurious feel.

Did you spot the chair in the first photo? It’s my beautiful boot fair find from many years ago. I’ve recovered it, for the third time in as many years, hopefully the kids won’t be leaving their wet towels on it like usual. I love the fabric. I’d originally planned to make a blind for the bathroom in it but we went with a wooden slatted type in the end, the same as the rest of the house.

And to finish off, we needed some kind of storage unit to hide away all the bottles and towels. I searched high and low for one. I had in my head what I was looking for but really struggled to find it. Eventually I found one, at a reasonable price too, and actually managed to build it all by myself. I was rather proud of myself.

It’s ideal as the bottles are all hidden behind the door and the top section is open for displaying fluffy towels and fancy lotions and potions. It does feel very spa like now, a perfect place for some relaxing reading and pampering. I’ve still got a handful of my handmade Bath melts from my Pamper Pantry days. I’m very tempted to start making them again, just for myself to use and maybe give a few as gifts. Maybe I will, who knows…. I’m off for a bath.


Hello there, how’s everyone doing? Things are starting to look a little clearer here, I have a few blog posts in the making, but in the meantime I thought I’d share a couple of posts from this time last year.  The first one is all about the blossom trees that are just about passing their peak here at the moment. You can read it here.  I feel a bit lazy but there’s no point in repeating myself is there? The next one is all about the bluebells. Isn’t it just uplifting, walking through a bluebell wood when they’re in full bloom? Just reading doesn’t compare to breathing in that delicate aroma, but seeing is believing and you can read that one here.  I haven’t had much time to get and about in the fresh air recently so it’s nice to be able to look back in the archives and revisit the beauty and nature I was amongst not so long ago. That’s not too much of a cop out is it??

I made these crochet flowers yesterday. They’re for a very special young lady called Jenny. She’s the daughter of Amanda who owns the Little Box of Crochet, monthly subscription box. It’s not my story to tell, and I don’t know enough information to give accurate details, but all I know is that Jenny has been battling cancer for 5 long years, and her fight is coming to an end. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to hear this news, she’s just 19. It’s one of her wishes to have her coffin covered in beautiful crocheted flowers, so the word was spread through social media, and the hookers set to work. In just a few days they’ve had such a huge response that they’ve now said they have more than enough. Isn’t that fantastic, how the crochet community pulls together? A shame that it’s in such sad circumstances but I think everyone feels privileged to have been allowed to contribute just a tiny bit to such a brave and inspirational young woman. #aflowerforjenny

Chicken corner complete 

Hello, how is everyone? I do hope you’ve had a lovely May Day weekend? For those of you that don’t know, we have chickens that live in our garden. They have a perfect little spot that I like to call Chicken Corner. Their coop was on it’s last legs and the ground is just like a muddy bog over winter so we decided it was high time the girls had a bit of a makeover.

This was their new shack. It’s actual name is the Chicken Shack!

Quite a bit bigger than their old coop, much more like a chicken castle. Very sturdy and spacious, hopefully it’ll last us a good while. While we were waiting for the muddy bog situation to be resolved, I painted the coop a lovely green with some white accents.

I thought that the only way to stop the muddyness would be to change the ground surface, so my hubby shifted tons (actually tons!) of excess earth from their corner of the garden. We then got Astro turf put down. 

I knew the girls wouldn’t be over impressed with that as they weren’t keen when we did it with the rest of the garden. But it’s the best option for them and so they still have some dirt to bathe in, I got these for free from our local tyre garage. 

I spray painted them to make them much more girly. My hubby cut some plywood to put in the bottom then filled them with soil. The girls think these are the best thing since sliced bread, they especially like the pink one!

These four girls in the above photo are new, we got them just last week. They’re called Chicoletta, Dumpy, Daisy & Oreo. Sadly, a couple of days after they came, we lost of one of our older girls, Rolo. She was beautiful.

At least she got to see the new pad. Do you want a little look? Please bear in mind that it’s extremely tricky trying to take photos in a teeny tiny corner. They’ve moved in just in time to enjoy the gorgeous ceanothus in full bloom above them. 

And inside their shack…

It is SO much easier cleaning them out now, it was backbreaking before. And no more mud. And now the ban has been lifted, they no longer have to be cooped up inside and can come out to play again. We have happy hens once more 🐓🐓🐓😊

10 days

It’s been 10 days since I last posted and I thought it was high time I popped back into blog land to show my face. 

Hellooo! How is everyone? Hope you all had a good Easter break? We’re back to school and back to routine this week and I must say I’m loving it! I’d almost forgotten how much I can get done with no toddler around. We’re still in a bit of chaos with the house, but day by day it’s improving. It’ll soon be back to complete normality and then I can really get stuck back in to my crafty ways. 

I’d intended to go to town with Easter decorations this year but with our dining room still housing our bathroom I scaled it back a bit.

Just a few twigs I collected while we were out walking, with some eggs and cute bunnies hanging from the branches. Next year it’ll be amazing. We did an Easter egg hunt just for Jude this year as the older kids are too big and too cool for skool! He absolutely loved it and I’ve had to repeat it many times already.

Next year, if the weather is good, I hope to have a bigger affair and invite some friends too.

I’ve been doing the border on my current WIP but am soon to run out of yarn so I’ll show you when I’ve finished, after my yarn top-up order has arrived 😉

On Saturday I had quite a few hours to catch up on some much needed crochet time so I chose to do some experimenting.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I’ll show you what I got up to next time. I’ve still got more to do yet.

It was my nieces birthday on Monday so I got my card making bits out and came up with this…

I wanted to keep it fairly simple, so used my big shot to cut out a princess castle, a glittery cloud and her name and age. I bought her a crochet book ( for kids), a set of hooks and some yarn to start her on her crafty way. It may be a little early but she’s shown an interest in crafts. It’s just a shame we don’t live closer so I can help her.

Well, I’d best be off, lots to do. It’s been so nice seeing you, until next time……….  xxx

DIY overload 

Firstly I’d like to apologise for my absence. It’s been absolute chaos recently. We’ve stupidly decided to do all kinds of home improvements, all at the same time and it’s just bedlam. It’s all coming together slowly but living with the mess is getting hard. I just have to keep thinking it’ll all be worth it in the end, and our beautiful forever home will be done, properly.

One of the improvements is updating our bathroom. I managed to get a final bath the other night before the thing got ripped out. In amongst the dust and rubble, it wasn’t actually too bad.

If you can see past the hole in the wall and the rotten plasterboard and just focus on the candle and magazine, it was actually quite relaxing! We’ve not even got this now so I’m really looking forward to getting all the work complete so we can get back to our normal bathing routines.

Our little basement was cleared out to make way for a sweaty man cave (karate dojo) which I’ve now painted and is all ready for training. The STUFF from down there was deposited around the house for me to sort. We’ve had the loft partially boarded out so some has gone up there, some to the tip and some to our community shop. I’ve been very ruthless with my craft stuff that I’d built up over the years and condensed it down into a much more manageable amount. Those things I thought might come in useful one day just had to go.

With all the upheaval, I haven’t had a real chance to indulge in much yarn therapy. I did however have a couple of hours to myself the other evening, so I parked myself in front of the fire in the dining room and studied my crochet borders book.

I needed to find a border suitable for my current blanket. I decided on #57 and have made a very small start on it. I’ll work on it whenever I can, it’ll be my little escape from all the madness that surrounds me at the moment.

I’ll hopefully be back soon with some progress pics to show you.

Thanks for reading xxx

Good old granny

Well hello there, welcome to my second post on my second blog! Today I thought I’d show you what’s been on my hook just lately. After lots and lots of dithering about what pattern to use for making lavender bags, I ended up giving this a go.

It was my first time using a cotton and it was rather lovely.  I made two small squares to join together and then stuff with the heavenly scent of lavender flowers. A few weeks later I decided to make another, but a slightly different design.

I don’t know why but I had a sudden change of heart and decided this wouldn’t make a good lavender bag after all. Me being me, I didn’t want to waste a thing, so turned it into a little bag to give to my neice for one of her dolls.

I kind of gave up on the whole lavender bag thing for a while and decided to just start another blanket. Cos you know they’re truly my favourite thing to make. I went to my newly organised yarn dresser to select some yummy colours.

I must admit it was really tricky to pick. 

I got started straight away…

I love the start of a new blanket, the possibilities are endless, it’s just so exciting that you struggle to put your hook down.

Before I knew it, I had the centre finished, ready for lots and lots of lovely colours to wind around and around and grow into something warm and snuggly. So last week, this was where I was at..

It’s at a good size now and keeps me super cosy while I’m happily hooking away of an evening. I now need to decide on a border, I think I might try something a little special with this one. Watch this space! 

Happy hooking!! Vicki x