Chicken corner complete 

Hello, how is everyone? I do hope you’ve had a lovely May Day weekend? For those of you that don’t know, we have chickens that live in our garden. They have a perfect little spot that I like to call Chicken Corner. Their coop was on it’s last legs and the ground is just like a muddy bog over winter so we decided it was high time the girls had a bit of a makeover.

This was their new shack. It’s actual name is the Chicken Shack!

Quite a bit bigger than their old coop, much more like a chicken castle. Very sturdy and spacious, hopefully it’ll last us a good while. While we were waiting for the muddy bog situation to be resolved, I painted the coop a lovely green with some white accents.

I thought that the only way to stop the muddyness would be to change the ground surface, so my hubby shifted tons (actually tons!) of excess earth from their corner of the garden. We then got Astro turf put down. 

I knew the girls wouldn’t be over impressed with that as they weren’t keen when we did it with the rest of the garden. But it’s the best option for them and so they still have some dirt to bathe in, I got these for free from our local tyre garage. 

I spray painted them to make them much more girly. My hubby cut some plywood to put in the bottom then filled them with soil. The girls think these are the best thing since sliced bread, they especially like the pink one!

These four girls in the above photo are new, we got them just last week. They’re called Chicoletta, Dumpy, Daisy & Oreo. Sadly, a couple of days after they came, we lost of one of our older girls, Rolo. She was beautiful.

At least she got to see the new pad. Do you want a little look? Please bear in mind that it’s extremely tricky trying to take photos in a teeny tiny corner. They’ve moved in just in time to enjoy the gorgeous ceanothus in full bloom above them. 

And inside their shack…

It is SO much easier cleaning them out now, it was backbreaking before. And no more mud. And now the ban has been lifted, they no longer have to be cooped up inside and can come out to play again. We have happy hens once more 🐓🐓🐓😊