DIY overload 

Firstly I’d like to apologise for my absence. It’s been absolute chaos recently. We’ve stupidly decided to do all kinds of home improvements, all at the same time and it’s just bedlam. It’s all coming together slowly but living with the mess is getting hard. I just have to keep thinking it’ll all be worth it in the end, and our beautiful forever home will be done, properly.

One of the improvements is updating our bathroom. I managed to get a final bath the other night before the thing got ripped out. In amongst the dust and rubble, it wasn’t actually too bad.

If you can see past the hole in the wall and the rotten plasterboard and just focus on the candle and magazine, it was actually quite relaxing! We’ve not even got this now so I’m really looking forward to getting all the work complete so we can get back to our normal bathing routines.

Our little basement was cleared out to make way for a sweaty man cave (karate dojo) which I’ve now painted and is all ready for training. The STUFF from down there was deposited around the house for me to sort. We’ve had the loft partially boarded out so some has gone up there, some to the tip and some to our community shop. I’ve been very ruthless with my craft stuff that I’d built up over the years and condensed it down into a much more manageable amount. Those things I thought might come in useful one day just had to go.

With all the upheaval, I haven’t had a real chance to indulge in much yarn therapy. I did however have a couple of hours to myself the other evening, so I parked myself in front of the fire in the dining room and studied my crochet borders book.

I needed to find a border suitable for my current blanket. I decided on #57 and have made a very small start on it. I’ll work on it whenever I can, it’ll be my little escape from all the madness that surrounds me at the moment.

I’ll hopefully be back soon with some progress pics to show you.

Thanks for reading xxx


Good old granny

Well hello there, welcome to my second post on my second blog! Today I thought I’d show you what’s been on my hook just lately. After lots and lots of dithering about what pattern to use for making lavender bags, I ended up giving this a go.

It was my first time using a cotton and it was rather lovely.  I made two small squares to join together and then stuff with the heavenly scent of lavender flowers. A few weeks later I decided to make another, but a slightly different design.

I don’t know why but I had a sudden change of heart and decided this wouldn’t make a good lavender bag after all. Me being me, I didn’t want to waste a thing, so turned it into a little bag to give to my neice for one of her dolls.

I kind of gave up on the whole lavender bag thing for a while and decided to just start another blanket. Cos you know they’re truly my favourite thing to make. I went to my newly organised yarn dresser to select some yummy colours.

I must admit it was really tricky to pick. 

I got started straight away…

I love the start of a new blanket, the possibilities are endless, it’s just so exciting that you struggle to put your hook down.

Before I knew it, I had the centre finished, ready for lots and lots of lovely colours to wind around and around and grow into something warm and snuggly. So last week, this was where I was at..

It’s at a good size now and keeps me super cosy while I’m happily hooking away of an evening. I now need to decide on a border, I think I might try something a little special with this one. Watch this space! 

Happy hooking!! Vicki x