I got post!

Last week I entered a giveaway competition to win a crochet wall hanging that was designed and made by the very talented Eleonora from Coastal Crochet. I thought no more about it afterwards, as most people do, thinking they have no chance of actually winning. Low and behold, last Friday, I discovered my name had been picked out of the hat!! I never win anything, I was gobsmacked. I remember when I first saw her Instagram post of this wall hanging that she’d designed for the Hobbycraft blog. I remember thinking how beautiful it was and how I’d love to be able to make it.

Here it is! The photo really doesn’t do it justice, the light was rubbish here today. It arrived this morning with a lovely postcard and message too. Eleonora had warned me it was well packaged, it took about 20 minutes to get into it but it was so well worth it. It’s absolutely beautifully made and the attention to detail is amazing. The driftwood is lovely and is just perfect for this. I really love it to bits, as does Jude. He was ever so excited when I was unwrapping it.

I’ve popped it on the wall here just to take a photo as it was the only place with 2 hooks side by side but there really is only one place that it belongs…..

Inside Jude’s beach hut in the garden. It’s just perfect! Please do pop over to Eleonoras blog here to read her post all about it and while you’re there you can take a look at all her other amazing work. I aspire to be able to crochet as beautifully as her one day. Xxx

10 days

It’s been 10 days since I last posted and I thought it was high time I popped back into blog land to show my face. 

Hellooo! How is everyone? Hope you all had a good Easter break? We’re back to school and back to routine this week and I must say I’m loving it! I’d almost forgotten how much I can get done with no toddler around. We’re still in a bit of chaos with the house, but day by day it’s improving. It’ll soon be back to complete normality and then I can really get stuck back in to my crafty ways. 

I’d intended to go to town with Easter decorations this year but with our dining room still housing our bathroom I scaled it back a bit.

Just a few twigs I collected while we were out walking, with some eggs and cute bunnies hanging from the branches. Next year it’ll be amazing. We did an Easter egg hunt just for Jude this year as the older kids are too big and too cool for skool! He absolutely loved it and I’ve had to repeat it many times already.

Next year, if the weather is good, I hope to have a bigger affair and invite some friends too.

I’ve been doing the border on my current WIP but am soon to run out of yarn so I’ll show you when I’ve finished, after my yarn top-up order has arrived 😉

On Saturday I had quite a few hours to catch up on some much needed crochet time so I chose to do some experimenting.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I’ll show you what I got up to next time. I’ve still got more to do yet.

It was my nieces birthday on Monday so I got my card making bits out and came up with this…

I wanted to keep it fairly simple, so used my big shot to cut out a princess castle, a glittery cloud and her name and age. I bought her a crochet book ( for kids), a set of hooks and some yarn to start her on her crafty way. It may be a little early but she’s shown an interest in crafts. It’s just a shame we don’t live closer so I can help her.

Well, I’d best be off, lots to do. It’s been so nice seeing you, until next time……….  xxx