A bank holiday craftathon 

Last bank holiday Monday ( you know, the one almost 2 weeks ago now!) was a miserable one for sure, well we are in Britain after all. My hubby had to work as usual and my poor little boy woke with a high temperature, so a day indoors it was. I had some cards to make and had been waiting for an opportunity to get all my stuff out and make a big mess in the dining room. The first thing I needed to make was a wedding card and gift. I’d had in mind how I wanted the card, not too slushy, not too fussy, and not too serious. I think I managed to achieve that.

For their gift, I knew I wanted to make something rather than buy it. I couldn’t think of anything I could crochet that would be appropriate so ended up trawling through Pinterest for inspiration. I decided upon a personalised box frame. It was tricky as I don’t know what their decor is like, or their style, so I kept it very simple and neutral. Kind of less is more.

I do hope they like it. I really enjoyed making these personalised pieces, I’d like to make more in the future.

The second card I wanted to make was a thankyou card for the very talented Eleonora from Coastal Crochet. I was lucky enough to be picked out of the hat in her giveaway. I won her beautiful Coastal wall hanging, you can read my post about it here. I really wanted to make a Coastal themed card as it seemed very appropriate but I couldn’t for the life of me think of a design. So, as her work inspires me so much, with the wonderful colours she uses, I decided a simple rainbow coloured card would be ideal.

What do you think? I really like it. It was simple (yet surprisingly time consuming!) but effective. I still felt I needed to send something Coastal related, so on Wednesday morning, with the weather looking spectacular, Jude & I headed to the seaside with pepper the dog. The sole purpose was to collect a few shells from our little stretch of coastline to send with the card.

But we got so much more from our little visit. It was absolutely beautiful and although Jude had been under the weather all week, the fresh air was very much needed after being cooped up indoors for days.

We had great fun, along with Pepper the dog, crunching over these shells. The beach is such a peaceful place to visit. I really must do it more often, whatever the weather. I say that every time I come but I really must make the effort, I’m sure I won’t regret it.