At last, a Ta-Dah post!

I’ve been working on this blanket for about 2 months. 2 months!! That’s really too long but available time to happily hook away just wasn’t happening. I had a rough idea of how I wanted it to turn out but it sort of just happened as it went along really. I started off by doing 4 random granny squares and joining them.

Then continued round and around in all the colours until it grew before my very eyes.

After a few rows around of the same colour order, I decided it needed a large chunk of the cream followed by the lovely colours once again, but broken up by the cream in between. I do love the colours on offer from the Stylecraft range which is basically all I use now. We’re very spoilt for choice and the quality is always spot on, especially for blankets that will get lots and lots of use.

I eventually came to the end, put it down for a while ( a couple of weeks) and contemplated what kind of border it should have. It’s quite an important decision you know! Sitting by an open fire is THE perfect place for contemplating.

It definitely helped me come to the right decision anyway. I knew that after an initial row of colour for the base round (I picked the blue, purely as it was what I had the most left of), I wanted the border to be all cream. It seemed to take absolutely ages to get the first few rows done. It was quite a nerve wrecking time waiting to see if it looked ok. Then I ran out of yarn so had to get more to finish it.  The border certainly is a yarn guzzler. I made an executive decision to add a couple of extra rows of the border to make a little bit more of an impact, and I had plenty of yarn with which to do so now too! It wasn’t until I was right near the very end that I was convinced it was the right edge for the blanket.

It’s rather like a fancy frame for a beautiful picture. I love the way it has a gentle ruffle, kind of like a delicate lace. Very pretty and feminine.

As I finished it in the garden, I decided to give it its photo shoot out there too. Well why not? It was a beautiful day and purely by coincidence, it coordinated perfectly with our deckchairs! Here is my Spring Granny Blanket…… Ta-Dah!!

I’ve had such fantastic feedback on Instagram and Facebook for this blanket, it’s given me a much needed boost. As much as I love it, its now available for sale on my Facebook page so if you’re interested, just let me know! I’m itching to start a new one already but first things first, I must do coasters. Coasters are calling…. x