The tale of two bread bins 

I love old retro and vintage kitchenalia. It stirs up so many memories from my childhood, mainly from being at my grandparents houses, and helping out in the kitchen with baking and washing up. I always remember the enamel bread bin my dads parents had. There was always a lovely unsliced loaf of soft, white bread on the go. I also remember watching one of my all-time favourite tv programmes, The Good Life ( which I’m currently re-watching for the 200th time!) 

They too had one of those bread bins, (look in the background of the picture above) I guess they were very popular back in the day. Well, about 7 years ago, my hubby and I visited the beautiful town of Shrewsbury. It’s very picturesque, has some amazing little shops and is just a perfect place to spend a day mooching with your nearest and dearest. It was special too as we were newlyweds and had a rare day to ourselves while the kids were in school. We found this little underground antiques shop and spent ages wandering around looking at all kinds of unusual things. We came across, you guessed it, a vintage enamel bread bin! I fell in love with it instantly, and with my hubby being the generous chap he is, it was whisked to the till and purchased for the full asking price of £18. They certainly made things to last back then, its one of those things that I hope to pass on to the kids one day, that’s if they share my taste in quality vintage items. Doubtful. 

Last year, my uncle was having a sort through some of my nan and grandads things, as he moved into their house after they both sadly passed on. He came across their bread bin and immediately thought of me! His words were, you’ve got a knack of turning trash into treasure, but this is no trash. To me, this is already treasure, brimming full of wonderful memories. Because of the distance between me and the rest of my family, it’s taken almost a year for me to get this. My mum brought it up with her on her last visit. Here it is, reunited with one of its family members….

It’s virtually identical! My nan and grandads one is on the right. The font is slightly different, well what’s left of it, but that just adds to the charm. It put mine to shame so I had to give it a bit of a spring clean. I’m not 100% sure what I’m going to use it for yet or where it’s going to live. It’s currently in my dining room being used to store a load of pine cones I foraged the other week from the park ready for doing Christmassy things with. But it could possibly be a yarn store or something equally crafty. Who said bread bins have to store baked goods?